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Covid-19 Grants Available

The Parish Council has some limited funds to offer to Ward residents and/or Village based Groups/ Clubs severely financially affected by the Covid-19 situation. Please ‘Click’ on “General Information on the left of this page for full details

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Public & Press Rights to Attend Parish Council Meetings

Your Parish Council is making all efforts to continue normal operations in these trying times. As part of this, parish council meetings are being held, albeit as video rather than face-to-face meetings.

If any member of the public wishes to participate, please apply by emailing to

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Gotham Covid-19 Volunteer Group

Gotham Parish Council has organised a community Volunteer group to assist residents during this virus outbreak. Tasks such as collecting prescriptions, shopping or walking a dog are typical.

Whether you are in preventative isolation or actually suffering from the virus, if you seek help:

Telephone: 07725538712 (9am to 8pm)

If you wish to become a Volunteer – email your name, address & a telephone number to: